Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Out of Your Comfort Zone

It's somewhat of a challenge for me to pull off the color red because I feel like some of the hues are a bit too close to my skin tone and cause me to stray away from wearing the color.  Lately however, I've really been into the idea of a red suit and wanted to give it a shot but was a little nervous of how it might look.

Leave it to Alfred to take me out of my comfort zone and push me into seeing things in a whole new light! :) He's not only been photographing me but challenging me to try new things as well.  Instead of relying on where we usually shoot we traveled to downtown, hopped over a few fences and pushed our way to this awesome space to take some pretty cool shots.  It's funny because, lately, I've been taking this mentality with me in other areas of my life too. 

It's so important to know that we are 100% responsible for our own lives, happiness, and self-work and that waiting or relying on others to do or see the possibility in you is a waste of time and only leads to disappointment.  Not because people intentionally set out to disappoint, but because no one can carve out a better life for you than .. "you". 

Needless to say I've decided to wear red and put my own spin to a traditional suit but I also have decided to continue doing some other things that I use to wait on peoples approval or even company to do!  Even though wearing red may seen like a small step.. its reminding me that life beings outside of the comfort zone and might even show you some awesome things about yourself you didn't even know you had in you. 

... here's to red.

Red Blazer/ Denim Red Pants / Cheetah print shoes H&M, Hat/ Vintage, Tuxedo Shirt/ French Connection 
Photo Cred: Alfred Collar 


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