He's quickly becoming a household name but for Toye Adedipe it’s not about achieving a certain level of celebrity as it is about loving and becoming the person you were destined to be! For him, being a celebrity wardrobe Stylist is as much a part of who he is as thread is to a fiercely sewn pant!

His journey as a wardrobe stylist began as a kid in the early 1990s when he noticed the characters in his favorite comic book, Archie and Friends, changed clothes with each issue. While this may not be so usual for most readers to recognize, it became a consistent study for Adedipe, eagerly awaiting the next issue. But this infatuation with art and design didn’t stop there. Early on he became acquainted with painters and artists of the Harlem Renaissance in particular, Romare Bearden! Bearden’s collage work and his innate use of layering inspired Toye to pursue a career in art and design.

After graduation, Toye Adedipe enrolled at Florida A&M University where he majored in Fine Art and minored in Graphic art Design. After starting a successful greeting card business in his junior year, Toye set his sights on bigger plans and moved to Atlanta upon graduating in 2006. However, something was missing?

After much soul searching, Toye realized that being an artist was not the end but merely the blueprint for life as a total designer. He realized that his talents and calling were not just tied to one form of design but several forms of design including wardrobe styling.

Fast forward four years and Toye has become one of the most sought after wardrobe stylist in the business. From Atlanta and Los Angeles based magazines to video shoots featuring national recording artists to media conglomerates like BRAVO, Toye is credited for bringing a fresh approach to wardrobe styling, which is  a plus for an industry that thrives on the next big thing. His roster of former and current clients is as famous as the clothes he puts them in: Jennifer Hudson, Vivica A. Fox, Keri Hilson, Cassie Ventura, Christina Millian, Fantasia, Lance Gross, Keyshia Cole, and LaurieAnn Gipson. His editorial and wardrobe credits include: Viacom (VH1’s Fantasia For Real), BWATT, PLAYBOY TV, Upscale Magazine, Ocean Drive, Six Degrees and Ebony Magazine.

So what’s next?

Toye continues to work as a freelance stylist and is currently working with the International European based magazine BWATT as their US Art Director.  His responsibilities included but are not limited to: styling fashion spreads, scouting and hiring  glam squads, along with sourcing celebrity talent for each cover while bringing quality high impact visuals to the online and print publication.  

“Sometimes you can’t fit-in in order to stand out, so use your inner blueprint to its highest potential  and SHINE…” Toye Adedipe


  1. What an amazing stylist and inspiration. Cant to see whats next!!

  2. wow, so much to say here, u are just blessed that all, nothen missing, i am just so darn proud of you and your works.... man u are good. what more can i say, maybe a tv show soon. cant wait to see what next... please please come to the windy city... we need your help.... heeehhhe, i am love you, Tommie

  3. If you are in need of an assistant in the NY area...contact me. I would love to work for you. #andlearnfromoneofthebest

  4. If you are in need of an assistant in the NY area...contact me. I would love to work for you. #andlearnfromoneofthebest


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