Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving Past Fear

Last night I wrote a update on my Facebook that simply said "Stop being afraid to fail."  I usually get affirming responses from Facebook friends but one stuck out to me a little more than others. The response from a friend replied something to the effect of, "I'm scared tho".

Fear, Its a funny thing because I can totally relate to that statement.  Up until recently I use to be the guy that said "Im scared" or "I can't" especially when it came time to really going after what I wanted in life because I use to think it was "bigger" than me and somehow I was unworthy of it.  The consequence of that mentality was self- sabotaging.   I would not be fully present in personal relationships put up walls and ultimately be on the short end of the stick.  That is no way to live your life especially when you bring sooooooo much to the table!

Dont get me wrong, their are people out there that don't have your best interest in mind and you "do" need to protect your "happy" and keep them at a distance however, their are a few you'll come across in life like friends and most importantly for me anyway, "family", that will see your potential, know your strengths, and not let you rest on your weaknesses or hold your past failures over your head!

When I thought of this, my reply was.. " I get scared too but I don't let it stop me. I think about how life "could" be if I don't take a chance and I really use my failures in the past as fuel to be better."

I'm not sure how much of that statement resinated with them but it's really true.  A lot of us don't move forward because we failed in the past and don't want to re-live that sh*% again!  So we'd rather stay comfortable in our own medicoraty ... But believe me, If you failed before and your still here its for a reason and it's to be better!!! I can say that I've personally decided to see all of the good things I have in store for me come to reality.  That means not being bitter, letting go of your past, even though it pops up every now and then, and most importantly, staying focused on my future while doing the work!

Let's be clear, I still mess up, I'm human, but when I do I'm soo thankful for friends and family keeping me in check and pushing me forward in a better direction.  Fear has it's place but it doesn't belong in the way of you and your "happy".  You gotta kick that $h*t in the teeth, go after what you want and DONT look back.  Your possibilities are endless if you simply use the false presence of fear as motivation to your highest potential.  Trust me.. you got this. (:

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  1. Get in thar (not a typo)...yea, yea... :o)

  2. Thats good stuff, thank you again for your transparency

    1. Let the light shine :) and thank you for reading!

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