Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Your Breakthrough Awaits

One thing I can truly say is that my family taught me how to land on my feet. We all go through things  but the one thing I can count on is how to learning quickly from what appears to be a utter breakdown and turning it into a breakthrough.

Through my social networks and through blogging I think I've come to realize you guys are the same way.  The truth is, there is something motivating about seeing yourself in a space that you know you can do or be better in and actually taking the steps to change.  Todays look was punk inspired because I felt like the punk sub-culture is one that is on the edge of their own progressive movement and is not afraid to jump, fly, fall, fail or get hurt in process. I mean, have you had a $h*tty month, week, or year?? lol ... Well I can say this for sure, pain is temporary and is just weakness leaving the body. Once you take a little time to reflect... jump out of the miserable story you've been telling yourself and grow!

Get motivated by what you've learned and set out on a new journey even if you think it will take you nowhere because you might be surprised by the outcome. It's funny because breakdowns really are designed to help you move up in life and create a bigger, better, stronger "you" if your willing to embrace the change and not fall into the trap of playing the victim. I came across this pretty cool quote the other day that might help it all make sense:

"You've mastered your spirit when you no longer take the cheap path of pacifying your pain with counterfeit fulfillment, but rather endure the process of seeking out that which brings permanent transformation, character development and wholeness." #PurposeAwakening

Graphic LA shirt by H&M,  Motorcycle Sports coat by H&M, Gold and Black chain by Top Shop Men,  Distressed Jeans by Levis, shoes by Converse 
Photo Cred: Alfred Collar 


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