Monday, September 15, 2014

Re-invent Yourself

I couldn't wait to show this shoot.  Mainly because it was soooooooooo fuuunnn to produce!!! My homie Alfred Collar is an amazing photographer and friend that allows me to bounce my ideas of off him.  So when I recently came up with the idea to do a night shoot he was all in!   We decided to risk our lives and journey to the hood since they have some pretty awesome backgrounds that serve as great visuals. (What?!) we're adventurous. lol..

But the best part about this shoot is that I got a chance to enjoy myself after a pretty full month.  I was a little stressed after Emmy's week because I'm in a space where I want A LOT more then what I've had in the past and I feel the growth of it.  Some things have been easier to accept than others during this journey, but ya' know what???!, this life is a movie and I  decided how I wanna produce it!

I mean sure there are going to be things out-side of my control or people that just won't understand my film.. but F#8K it! Your life is waiting for you and it only gets better when you decide to take responsibility for it. If your on a mission to re-invent your life like me, hold on tight and don't loose your faith your break through is right in front of you. :)


photo cred: Alfred Collar Sweater H&M, Jeans Levis, Shoes Toms

 (yes I wear hanes.. it the only comfortable underwear that fits my butt correctly.. don't judge.)


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