Thursday, September 4, 2014

Privacy Please

I can't help it! I've always been a private person by nature but I have to admit, blogging has really helped my let my guard down and show a different side of me.  You guys have seen me go through ups and some downs but more importantly, you've seen me become a little more human beyond what you see on my social networks and what my resume shows you in my Fashion Styling career.

Here's the thing, I always try to have my life be an opportunity to inspire and hopefully help others but I can't imagine having a perfect life in order to do so.  With everything that I've gone through its the struggles that have made my character shine! In the next few blog post (Even though it might be a little tough for me) I plan on share more outlook onto someone of the things I rarely let people know about me other than a few close friends.  Not sure how the response ma ybe but the truth of the matter is, I'm kinda doing this more for myself than anybody else.

I simply plan on and intend on being fair to myself and the audience I've come to know and respect. (I can't imagine having it any other way and still maintaining my authenticity). My only hope is that with every blog post I share.. whether it be through life experience or personal style that "you" and "I" continue to grow and learn from our past so that we can jump into a brighter future!



Follow me on instagram here! // Photo credit: Alfred Collar // jacket H&M // Shirt Zara // Trousers Zara // Shoes Aldo 


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