Monday, April 7, 2014

Look Up!

A little over a year ago I was broke! Mentally, spiritually, and financially. I had made the decision to become bi-costal from Atlanta to Los Angeles and hadn't really booked any major jobs or gigs.  I felt like I was going down the drain slowly and couldn't find a life boat to save me.  

One thing that most people don't know about freelance Stylist is that we get jobs as we go and although they may look glamorous and at times pay really well.  We have to 1.) be very wise with how we spend our money and 2.) hustle in order to find our next gig. 

I remember thinking to myself that I was more than what I was displaying and that I was capable, talented and able to make some new decisions in my life so that I could have a breakthrough and get out of the mental jail I found myself in. In order to move past my rut, I started doing daily work, mentally and physically to prepare myself for a new way of living.  Wether it was writing in my journal, or hanging around more positive people, I did something every day to keep the ball rolling.  

Surprisingly enough, that's when I started getting calls to style more gigs!  I really believe the Universe responds to what you put out.  As long as I was doing "my" work.. (staying focused on self, believing in the path I was headed in, and blocking out negativity) the external work would come.  It was a true blessing and I learned soooo much. When I think of my challenges in the past I only think of what possibilities came from it, the real friends that stuck by my side (side note: my Mom and my brother played a huge part in this! they really are some of my BFF's) and the true value I gained from learning what "not" to do anymore lol!  Just remember that everyone goes through some rough patches but don't worry to much.  Matter fact, do more "work" than "worry" and see how quickly things can changes for you.   

I know its Monday but I hope this post leads as a little inspiration to start the work week of strong so that you can fly a little closer to your goals.  My career has definitely been a journey but as long as I'm growing and not repeating or learning from the past... I grateful that I'm here! 

Photo Credit: Ashley Nguyen coat: Zara, sweater: Zara, drop crotch pants: H&M boots: Call it Spring


  1. Look at the corner of "Change and Next Steps" :o)

  2. Awesome post!

  3. I was in this place once and I know how it feels...this post brought memories for me.


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