Sunday, March 30, 2014

DWP at Sundance Film Festival

I have to admit, serving as a the Lead Costume Designer for DWP "Dear White People" had its challenges and plenty of rewards as well. Most of the challenges included learning how different the film industry is from the editorial and Celebrity styling world along with the learning curve of working with Film and Continuity.  I have Learned soooo much and am excited at what my new found knowledge will bring to my career and future projects.

On the other hand, the rewards have really been the things you can't see or touch, like learning your film gets picked up by a major production company like Lionsgate, or seeing how great your cast looks on the silver screen with your Styling/ Wardrobe for the first time, or simply enjoy the moment of being apart of something big and not necessarily knowing to what degree your part in the film will impact others. All of these moments have attributed to my experience with this Film and have made me excited to share it here with you.

Recently, We had the extreme pleasure of presenting at and winning top awards at the Sundance Film Film Festival.  It was great to see some of the cast and Crew again and relive some of the moments all over again at the films debut. Check out some of the highlights/ photos and expect to be hearing more about this film in the months to come!
(Paparazzi found me lol) No, but seriously, Big thank you to The Style Blogger for the post on my personal style.
Ahhh! I met "The Door"'s Ava Duvernay.. You have to see this short Fashion film on youtube! Justin the Director Photo Bombed on the right lol.

Me and Ben the Writer 


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