Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saaay Whaaa.. Where "you" been???

I know, I know its been a minute but I'm BACK!!! I really can't believe a year has passed and how much you've grown?! You look good! I've been doing pretty good myself. Well for starters! Im officially bi-coastal!!! WEST COAST- EAST COAST STAAAAAND UPP!! LOL Oooh it feels so good and to be frank with you I feel

Hollywood is a different beast but I'm not your typical stylist. I actually got motivated to make the move shortly before my 1st Tour.. I tell you about that soon but for now I just wanted to say hello... and if you'll have me I'm going to tear the rough-off 2012! More Fashion, More How to's on becoming a stylist and more "me".. Toye! So hope your ready stay tunned- T

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