Monday, January 23, 2012

My New Store: is my new babe!  I've actually been Thinking about it for quite some time after I sold out of the Circa Shop.  I mean here I am a fashion stylist with left over inventory from photo shoots and celebrity gigs that I'll probably never use again and I truly can't hold on to it all even if I wanted to.  So it finally clicked! why don't I just make it available to the true people that
follow my adventures in styling and actually dig my style!

Know I know these shorts (for example) aint for everybody, but, if your as creative as I am, then you'll know exactly how to put these bad boys to use.  I love denim shorts even in the winter, if you freak it right, you could throw them over some warm leggings and accessories with some killer knee-high boots and maybe a chunky scarf or over-sized chunky sweater.  Never be afraid to mix it up! Lights and darks.. texture and silhouette! (It works).  Well at least from my perspective...

1 comment:

  1. These are pretty sick. I would rock these out.


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