Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So congrats to everyone who entered the contest. Not sure if you ever entered something that you really wanted in life and didn't get it (that feeling sucks) So that's why.... Everyone who entered the contest before the deadline is a MUTHA F*#K'N "WINNER"!!! AAAAAAAHHH LOL

I know.., I know, ...Im amazing for hookn' ya up :) but there were a few of you that really deserve a round of applause for following the direction to a "T" (no pun intended) you'll get a gift certificate for an aditional 30% off any purchase at The Circa Shop for the next 30 days! Trust me you guys are gonna love any thing you pick so (enjoy)!

Everyone else feel free to TwitPic a picture of "you" in your earrings. I'd like to see how good you guys look in them (Maybe we can even vote on who takes the most interesting/ creative/ or most fashionable TwitPic with them on) Heck?! Maybe that person will win something additional too* Tweet looks to @toyeadedipe (ya never know), But ..Congrats everyone!

Circa Shop Will email you for your address!!!!

The Geek Squad Winners:









@GugL3thu <<< ?? *kyane shrug*



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  2. WOOOHOOO! YEST I WON! So happy about this... It really excites me as Im learning more about being fashionable... I cannot wait to get my hands on the prize! Thank you so much & God bless you!


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