Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vulnerable 101 (updated)

When I first arrived to LA, as you read in my previous post, things were not going as I planned and I needed an outlet to express myself.  It's funny because right after I hit, what felt like rock bottom, I began to find ways to gain my momentum back and being vulnerable was my first stop.  It's funny because we've been taught to believe that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness but it's really about the core of "you" being open and having your guard down.  Whether you feel like your going to be attacked or lead to a new possibility in life, showing the universe that your "open" is really the best way to bring about multiple success and life growth.

Let me tell you a secret. Beginning vulnerable is still my biggest challenge I face as a young man.. Hell, it's the biggest challenge I face as being "human" period.  Having a "story" in your head about how people perceive you or comparing what you should be doing to the likes of others is the worst growth stunt there is and learning how to dismantle the block is where I'm determined to excel.  Even as I write this blog post I cringe a little lol because I find myself being "vulnerable" and showing you a side of me that most people wouldn't admit to.

I decided during my weakest moment hat there where some things that where about to change and putting myself out there was number one on the bucket list.   Every time I do, I notice a change.  For example showing you, (my reader), the personal work I've accomplished has been pretty liberating.  Receiving emails or notes from you acknowledging my story just ads to the icing on the cake.  But the biggest fulfillment I get is knowing that when I remain open to the possibilities, a whole new set of doors open up for me! These new beginnings have nothing to do with other people or even the accomplishments I've made in my career rather, they are a tangible reminder to remain "open"!!!

I totally understand that you probably come to this site to see me behind the scenes of a celebrity shoot or see my personal style but I really hope you gain some insight as to how I decided and continually decide to become a better me.  By all means, use my challenges as your example to do better but remain open to the idea that letting your guard down, being "you" or the core of you, is the strength behind your weakness. Peep some more photos of me that inspired this post after the break.. Enjoy.. -Toye*

Photo cred: JR West // Pants H&M // Necklace vintage


  1. Great post and amazing photos! I check your blog periodically and always leave with something (whether it be some style inspiration, or a life tip that I can apply personally). I can relate to a lot of what you say and I appreciate the added perspective. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you that means a lot! Sometimes we gotta dance with life! Appreciate your support..


  2. This post was very inspirational. It has really made me look at being vulnerable a different light not as a source of weakness but of strength. Keep doing your thing! Great Style, Dope Blog.


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