Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Growing Up!

Sidenote: I LOVE this hat! It's like my little staple and it makes me feel distinguished when I have it on (even when I'm being mischievous) lol.

Yup! I'ma grown man' and I really do believe that there is a evolution to style as well.  As a kid I grew up watching my Mother and Father's personal take on fashion and remember how compelling it was.  My mother has always been chic and effortless while my father was into "bold" and statement-worthy pieces.  As I've evolved, I've noticed how my style has changed throughout the years and has become a fusion of my growth.

For example, a few years ago you wouldn't have caught me dead in a trouser and collared shirt.  However, as my outlook on style has changed so has the variation in my closet.  Now I'm noticing myself becoming a little more adventurous and taking more of an effort to dress like.. well.. a gentleman.  In today's post I decided to play with a fun yet subtly bold printed shirt and signature hat.  I kept the look streamlined by keeping the color consistant and relying on traditional cuts that complement my frame.

Don't get me wrong I will continue to rock my t-shirt and jeans but having variety, not being stuck in a box and adding adventure to my wardrobe is what I'm all about right now. In short I guess it's another way of saying, "I'm growing".

Hat: Vintage, Shirt zara, pants Topman, Shoes Aldo
Photo credit: Royal Binion         


  1. Hello Fellow HAT lover!
    I have a particular hat that makes me feel distinguished anytime I have it on as well
    Your style is perfect!..xx

    1. Hey! Awe thanks! I love hats.. They bring out our character and they go soo good with a beard lol.

  2. This is a great look on any man! :) plus that hat is amazing!


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