Friday, March 21, 2014

Toye the BoFro

Bofro: African American Bohemian..

If you keep up with me on instagram you know that I completed my first major film project as the key costumer for a movie called Dear White People.  Durring the production of the Film Justin Simien (The Producer) of the film, coined the phrase BoFro for his lead characters and assigned me the roll of bringing his vision to life.  We talked over the phone in length about the style of dress and even created mood boards about what a BoFro would wear.  We even went down to the "T" of the type of cell phone cases they would use. I was in shock, not only was I able to
style these characters the way I like to dress but I was also excited about the term because it totally describes my sense of style!!

No disrespect, but I've never been into the whole futuristic gang member look and Im not really a hipster either.. I like bits and pieces from each style of genre but what really moves me is texture and print and easy to wear pieces like jeans, non fussy t-shirts with lower neck-lines, (Oh!)..and tribal prints :).  I dunno'.. I guess its because I'm super layed back when it comes to my clothes and I never try to follow the trends of what everyone else is doing.. So yeah, you can totally say that I'm a "BoFro" from hear on out. You might even want to refer to me as The "Lead BoFro" or King BoFro as I prefer lol (just kidding).. kinda ;p

Denim shirt, and overalls Zara, Worker boots: Mellow Yellow Paris, Hat: Vintage
Photo cred: Ashley Nguyen,  

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