Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dream Day 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of serving as a "Celebrity" panelist for Howard University's Day Dream Seminar.  My role as a speaker consisted of hosting a branding seminar in which I spoke to students about how to break  into the industry and solidify themselves as a credible source in the world of fashion styling.  My day was jam packed with excitement thanks to the project coordinators Jamal Minor and Ferrell Drew who made me feel right at home.  In the first part of the seminar
myself and celebrity photographer Elton Anderson spoke about the importance of purpose and vision within the world of fashion or any industry for that matter! I have to say, I was truly touched at the response I received from the students and the impact they feel it made on their lives! I got a little taken back at how open they were to receiving information too! It warms my heart when I see young youth (especially ones that look like me) want to strive to have more, be more, and do more for themselves then what is expected.  I have to be totally Frank.. I'm not sure where my ultimate journey will lead me but if I can motivated and inspire people along the way.. then having opportunities like this is icing on the cake! (I'm just happy that you guys have been on the journey with me thus far) -Toye*   s/o to my panel members Necole Bitchie, Issa Rae, Elton Anderson and the Simmons Sister.. also, my jacket is Joyrich..  (everyone asked lol)

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