Thursday, March 25, 2010


Don't you hate it when celebrities get to have all the fun and all the perks? I was flipping through a magazine recently and saw some Fly a%@ gloves that I thought would be great for a birthday gift, but when I saw the tag.. I was like, that's a car payment?! So Instead of getting all distraught, I said "don't trip"! "I got you on this Toye" :-) I tweeted a couple of days ago if you'd be into some symmetrical leather gloves with spikes and the voice of the people said.. "yuuuuss"!! Even more so, people asked me. "How Much"??!! So instead of trying to go all out with prices I decided to try something new.. (More after the Jump)

Now, Im not gonna give these gloves away.. :-/ But I am going to drop a dime and put these HARD CORE Betty's on my stylist dicount card until the month of June!!! AAAAHH! (I'm scared) ;0)

Ive done really well with the Micki's and in all honesty I think its because I want you guys to be able to feel/be fly while being able to afford what you see too. Sooo Geeks, let's get er' done! Just try to keep this lil hook up between you and me, "we don't want the celebs to be jealous" ;-)
Get the Peaches Here:

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