Friday, February 5, 2010

Testing: Que Doung

Come ta' think of it... I'm not quite sure how this kid got a hold of my twitter but every now and then I check my account to see what other creative "like-minds" are following me. So when I stubbled across Que Doung, an up and coming Fashion Photographer from the N.O. I was totally excited to see and read about he's work. He's actually pretty funny when you follow his tweets, not to mention he's got a strong graphic and artistic eye when it comes to photography. But enough of my "cold sell"... you can rant and rave about it after you see for yourself... Check em' out!

So where you from?

I am from New Orleans, home of the Black and Gold!

What Made you want to start photography?

I was always into the art since I was 5 years old. Photography is just another form of medium for me. But if you want the truth, I started photography to show off lol, I wanted people to think I have an interesting life, but in reality it is boring as hell!

How long have you been doing photography for and what would you suggest to someone that's just starting out do to get started?

I have been doing this for about 4 years now, (Yikes! lol) but it is still a journey for me. I still feel I like I'm new to this and everyday I am discovering new things. For someone who just started, I would say find out the genre of photography you love to do first, such as fashion, documentary, or events. After that, do your research on photographers who are great in your genre and try to duplicate their style by doing a lot of photoshoots. Once you start discovered their techniques, move on to the next photographer, and so on. After awhile you will develop your own eye and "your" style.

What do you look for in a model or subject when your shooting with them?

As for male models, I like the traditonal classic look. Male models in the Tyson Beckford era, or James Dean (even though he was an actor). With females, I love shooting unique-looking girls like Lara Stone, the nontraditional beauty.

Where do you pull a lot of your inspiration from and what's the process to make it "real"?

My inspiration start with my emotion, like how I am feeling at that moment. Once I have that down, I look for a popular movie, culture, or a person that can represent how I feel. After that, I draw a story board pertaining to that theme and make it into a fashion spread. For insistence, I am a perfectionist and my friends make fun of me because I make more mistakes trying to be perfect then being normal. I took that feeling and found that the only perfect in this world that is perfect was Mary Poppins, you know, she is "perfect in every way" lol So then I decided to do a shoot base of off her.

Do you ever work with Fashion Stylist, MUA's, or Hair Stylist on your shoot, and if so, what do you look for in "behind-the-scene" talent?

Yes, I have a team that consist of a stylist, mua, and hair stylist. I like to work with people who are ambitious and passionated about what they do and people who care about getting the perfect shot.

Where does Que Duong see himself in five years from now?

I don't know, hahaha. I live by this quote though "Live for today. Multitudes of people have failed to live for today....what they have had within their grasp today they have missed entirely, because only the future has intrigued them" - william allen white [Wow..Dope Quote]

Chocolate or Vanilla? :OP

chocolate :-p lol or both haha

So How would someone who wants to work with you (in front or behind the camera) get in touch with you?

they can email at (,

my website ( or,

Thanks Que!


  1. Dope interview. I follow Q's twitter as well, and his style is akin to mine. I honestly feel like we'll be competing against each other for gigs in the near future.



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