Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Sunday RE-CAP

So what do you guys do on a Sunday? Me, well... if Im not working (long pause)*... wait, fu*k that?! Im always working :-P (So lets put it like this) when life isn't to busy Im either giving thanks and blessings or playing around on the Mac with my store/shop and listening to music. Here's a re-cap!

If your a close friend of mine, which all of you are, you know Ima big fan of hip-hop.

I wish I could wear this shirt everyday but Sundays are a cool enough day for me to do so.

I doodle stupid little characters in my mind and sometimes give them names like this little...?thing?... I put the word "vouge" by it. Don't know why, guess I'm always thinking bout fashion.

Then I get real disrespectful and eat multi-grain HB of Oats at my desk while watching funny videos on youtube. (I'm sucha Geek)*

Ray William Johnson is a Vlogger I found about a month ago on youtube and I can always count on his videos to make me laugh>>

His also has a dope reality show Breaking NYC where he chronicles his day-to-day life and on one episode he hooked it up with a link to this new artist's entire album. (link below)... think John Mayer meets The Roots. (been jam'n to this all day)

So, yeah that was my sunday... what how was yours?

Outa Sight Album Download:

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