Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Impact Haiti

It was important for me to give because somewhere on my journey, someone gave to me! lets face it, I can skip take-out or even hold back on dinning out today or or even for the rest of the month/year. But What we can't do is bring back a life that could have been saved with "our" help. It felt moving for me to tweet or RT ways to help Haiti and liberating to give financially.

But don't feel like money is the only you can help. There are tons of ways to contribute to community. You can donate clothes, canned goods, or get creative and do something totally different like educate people about the needs of Haiti through Youtube/twitter/ FB etc.. and creative a movement. Sometimes its true that change can be sparked by one person. So to all my Leader, my NERDS, my Warriors, take action and make it our business to empower others in need. (We got this)! LETS GO!



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