Thursday, November 19, 2009

Featured: L10

Your Parent's Wedding Photographer was never this F*#Kn cool?! Meet today's feature, Elton Anderson, as he gives you the 1-2's on how to stay fly behind the scenes!

Favorite Place to Shop and Why.
I usually shop at smaller, boutique-type stores. I have my favorites in NY, LA, Atlanta and of course, Miami. They're kinda like my little secret so don't expect me to tell them all, lol. For everything else I'm usually at Diesel, Barney Co-op and maybe even Urban Outfitters.

Describe your personal Style.
My personal style has really evolved since I moved to South Beach. I'm a photographer, a skateboarder and I travel a lot so I'm all about stylish comfort. Sometimes I have to hop off of a plane and straight into a photo shoot so that can mean a summer suit with chucks or Diesel jeans and a tank, it depends. No matter what, I will always be wearing a pair of Rayban aviators and my "Golden Chest" Swatch Watch -- my two favorite accessories.More after the Jump

Your Favorite Designers.
I honestly don't have a "favorite" designer but I really respect Tom Ford. He is a creative and branding genius. His brand is masculine, sexy and luxurious all at once. His ad campaigns are always hot and he even shoots some of them himself. I'm looking to establish myself as a brand like he has. I'm not just limiting myself to photography -- I'm really honing my writing and business skills as we speak.

Sneaker or Dress shoes and what brands do you like?
Nowadays, you'll always catch me in pair of Nike SB Blazers or some Vans. Skateboarding has become my favorite past time so I need shoes that work well and look good.

Secret obsession with... (This can be anything fashion related)
I hate admitting it but I can't get enough of fashion blogs. As a photographer, the most important thing next to a "good eye" is having good taste. My favorite blogs (besides Toye Adedipe's, of course) are the Sartorialist and LateBoots. I've seen people on these blogs who's sense of style are unparalleled and it keeps me inspired to create my own.

Personal Style tip for guys
The only style tip I have for guys is to take care of your body. If you workout, eat right and maintain your skin you can make anything look good. True story

who are your SWAGGER' Icons (can be male or female)
I'm kinda over the term "Swagger"but I think the master of reinvention is somebody like Madonna. I don't agree with half the stuff she does but she has done it ALL. She's been a virgin, Marilyn Monroe, an actress, over the top and then scaled it back as a mother. Kanye West, too (as much as I hate to admit it). As a new business owner, I am all about reinvention and try to change up my game on a continuous basis. If I'm doing the same thing I was doing last year then I ain't livin'.

"Well then"...

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  1. Big fan of his photography & style. Great post!

  2. I love Elt's mirrors his personality and his artistic genius. You could not have picked a better feature...and you hit the nail on the photog is cooler ;)

  3. I dig Elt's style! It's a mirror of his blazing personality and his artistic genius. You couldn't have picked a better feature because photogs don't get much cooler ;)

  4. Elton is the man! Whatever IT is...he has IT! He shot my engagement pictures and my wedding.....His work is truly unique and so amazing! If you have any photography needs, you would be crazy not to use Elton...or if you need a Kanye West stunt double...Ha!


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